Terminus Project - Deception Glacier in Olympic National Park




























H. Murphy Class Supply List

Minimal Equipment
- Field Journal/Sketchbook
- Pencil

Additional Equipment
- Pen
- Watercolor Brushes
- Watercolors and Palette
- Watercolor block
- Bag to carry all this;
- Some tangible memory of the out of doors
(Leaf, feather, shell, etc).

- Personal Gear: Walking shoes or Hiking
boots, binoculars, coat, hat, field guides,
lunch/drinks, insolite pad/blanket, Sunscreen,
Handi-wipes, Baggy of Toilet Paper,
First Aid Kit/Map/Compass, pack.

Detailed Suggested Supplies

[See my painting of supplies - PDF: 289 kb]

Journal: Walleye Cards’ Journals:
Eagle or Wildflowers [5.5"x8"];

Pencil: hard [1.5-3] and soft [4b-9b];
Pencil Sharpener and Eraser;
Pen: waterproof, fadeproof, acid free, black, micro point;
Watercolor Pencils and/or Colored Pencils

Watercolor Brushes: Aqua Brush (internal reservoir) round/pointed (also flat is nice);
Alternative to Aqua Brush are watercolor brushes (#4-10 size, round and flat);

Watercolors (see suggested colors below)
Watercolor Palette (for storing and mixing)
Blotter Paper (paper towels) & Ziploc Baggie;
Water Container w/lid (yogurt, etc);
Watercolor Block or 300# sheet paper - 3"x5" up to 9"x12" size (cold press);

Acid free artists tape/white;
Ruler/Tape, Magnifying Glass/Hand Lense;

Hard backboard/Clip board/Block/Journal (something sturdy to draw on).

Clean up - Handi-wipes, etc

Watercolor Paints:
[See my painting of the colors below - PDF: 231 kb]
Suggested colors for field use (*minimum).
  • Aliz. Crimson Red Hue (PR206, PR 202)
  • *Naphthol Red Light (Arylide PR112, Azo)
  • Light Red
  • *Burnt Sienna
  • *Raw Sienna (yellowish, similar to Yellow Ochre)
  • Yellow Ochre
  • *Hansa Yellow Medium
  • Transparent Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • *Perm. Sap Green (Quinacridone PO49, Phthalo PG36)
  • Terre Verte
  • Phthalo Green (PG7)
  • Phthalo Blue
  • *Prussian Blue
  • *Ultramarine Blue
  • Indigo Blue (Carbon Black, Quinacridone, Phthalo)
  • *Ultramarine Violet or Dioxazine Purple
  • Sepia (substitute for raw umber/manganese)
  • *Vandyke Brown (substitute for burnt umber / manganese)
  • Ivory Black/Mars Black
  • Titanium White

Hazard Notes: Above recommended paints are “easy on the land” for field applications.

Other paints may have toxic pigments which include - cadmium, cobalt, manganese, mercury, lead, chrome - if working with those, do not inhale, taste or touch these toxic pigments.

Safe Painting: don’t eat, drink or smoke while painting. Clean up with damp paper towels; wash hands with warm soapy water before eating - or sanitized wipes.]


Notecards, artwork, illustrations, stories and text by Heather Murphy, Wildlife Biologist, Artist & Nature Writer, in Leavenworth, Washington. All Artwork and Text is copyright protected by Heather Murphy © 1997 to 2021 -- Walleye Cards, LLC