What's new in my art world and Walleye Cards publishing this year of 2019? See below.

During 2019 I will be reprinting popular cards and journals of which I am out of stock, so please bear with me as we go into production. I will be releasing new journals and new cards this year. I'm also working hard on a book of illustrated wildlife stories.

Thank you to my customers for your continued support, I’m sending you all goodness and happiness for 2019.




Print Version of Events

Last Tuesday's Artists
Meets the last Tuesday's of the Month (January to June and September to December) in Leavenworth WA  

Please see North Central Washington Audubon Society’s December 2018 Newsletter the Wild Phlox for bird illustrations. ncwaudubon.org/phloxdec2018.pdf

March 9, 2019
White River Snowshoe Tour

Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Joint trip with Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and Team Naturaleza. Join wildlife biologist Heather Murphy for a winter ecology snowshoe tour of the White River. Trip is limited, sign up through hillary@cdlandtrust.org . Learn more at cdlandtrust.org/outings-events/events

May 1 - 31
Annual Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest Art Exhibition at Snowy Owl Theater

May 16 Artists' Reception 5:00-7:00 pm 

Please see Heather's pen and inks in a group show, "Pacific Northwest Birds and their Habitats", which highlights works from North Central Washington artists as a collaboration with Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest. Her two pieces are "Peregrine over Sleeping Lady" and "Meadowlark Song".  The display is at Snowy Owl Theater at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, 7409 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, WA 98826  https://icicle.org/art-exhibition/

May 4,  June1 and June 15
Sleeping Lady Bird Walk 
The Bird Walks find observations in the habitats of Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, co-led by wildlife biologist/artist Heather A. Wallis Murphy and bird-spotter Patrick Murphy from 8:00 to 9:30 am beginning at the Sleeping Lady Organic Garden, 7375 Icicle Road, Leavenworth WA 98826. The cost is free to the public. 

May 18
Sleeping Lady Bird Walk
*Please note: the May 18 Bird Walk with Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest is from 8:00 am to 10:00 am and will be on Icicle Creek Center for the Arts and Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery lands.

May 15 to 19, 2019
Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest

17th Year, Wenatchee River Institute at Leavenworth WA

Teaching Bird Fest Art of Nature Journaling
Wednesday May 15

Nature journaling bird fest workshop Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort by Heather A. Wallis Murphy. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. $99 fee includes lunch. Register ahead with Wenatchee River Institute at Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest. Cost: $113

Co-leading Birds-Forests-Waterways-Clean-Up
Thursday May 16

In conjunction with World Migratory Bird Day, join our team to “Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution” and help us pick up plastics. Led by Heather & Pat Murphy and Jane & John Zanol from 10:00 am to noon. Free. At Wenatchee River Institute. See more on World Migratory Bird Day migratorybirdday.org

Leading Bird Fest Wetlands Birds
Friday May 17

Upper Basin Birders day long adventure of wetlands habitats and their birds. Includes pontoon boat, short hikes and lunch. Led by Heather & Pat Murphy and Jane & John Zanol from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm. Register ahead with Wenatchee River Institute at Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest.

Leading Bird Fest Sleeping Lady Bird Walk
Saturday May 18

Birds of Sleeping Lady led by Heather & Pat Murphy from 8:00am to 10:00 am. Free, meet at the Organic Garden.

June 19 or July 10 (TBD)
Check in with Plain Valley Adventure Women where Heather will be leading an alpine and fire ecology birding walk.

June 25, 2019 
Leading Drawn To Hiking with Last Tuesday's Artists

(5:00 to 8:00 pm, starting at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts parking lot, Leavenworth WA)

September 7 & 21, 2019
Sleeping Lady Bird Walk

from 8:00 to 9:30 am beginning at the Sleeping Lady Organic Garden, Leavenworth WA

September 25, 2019
Wenatchee Naturalist

(Nature Journaling and Field Observations portion), Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee WA








H. Murphy Class Supply List

Minimal Equipment
- Field Journal/Sketchbook
- Pencil

Additional Equipment
- Pen
- Watercolor Brushes
- Watercolors and Palette
- Watercolor block
- Bag to carry all this;
- Some tangible memory of the out of doors
(Leaf, feather, shell, etc).

- Personal Gear: Walking shoes or Hiking
boots, binoculars, coat, hat, field guides,
lunch/drinks, insolite pad/blanket, Sunscreen,
Handi-wipes, Baggy of Toilet Paper,
First Aid Kit/Map/Compass, pack.

Detailed Suggested Supplies

[See my painting of supplies - PDF: 289 kb]

Journal: Walleye Cards’ Journals:
Eagle or Wildflowers [5.5"x8"];

Pencil: hard [1.5-3] and soft [4b-9b];
Pencil Sharpener and Eraser;
Pen: waterproof, fadeproof, acid free, black, micro point;
Watercolor Pencils and/or Colored Pencils

Watercolor Brushes: Aqua Brush (internal reservoir) round/pointed (also flat is nice);
Alternative to Aqua Brush are watercolor brushes (#4-10 size, round and flat);

Watercolors (see suggested colors below)
Watercolor Palette (for storing and mixing)
Blotter Paper (paper towels) & Ziploc Baggie;
Water Container w/lid (yogurt, etc);
Watercolor Block or 300# sheet paper - 3"x5" up to 9"x12" size (cold press);

Acid free artists tape/white;
Ruler/Tape, Magnifying Glass/Hand Lense;

Hard backboard/Clip board/Block/Journal (something sturdy to draw on).

Clean up - Handi-wipes, etc

Watercolor Paints:
[See my painting of the colors below - PDF: 231 kb]
Suggested colors for field use (*minimum).
  • Aliz. Crimson Red Hue (PR206, PR 202)
  • *Naphthol Red Light (Arylide PR112, Azo)
  • Light Red
  • *Burnt Sienna
  • *Raw Sienna (yellowish, similar to Yellow Ochre)
  • Yellow Ochre
  • *Hansa Yellow Medium
  • Transparent Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • *Perm. Sap Green (Quinacridone PO49, Phthalo PG36)
  • Terre Verte
  • Phthalo Green (PG7)
  • Phthalo Blue
  • *Prussian Blue
  • *Ultramarine Blue
  • Indigo Blue (Carbon Black, Quinacridone, Phthalo)
  • *Ultramarine Violet or Dioxazine Purple
  • Sepia (substitute for raw umber/manganese)
  • *Vandyke Brown (substitute for burnt umber / manganese)
  • Ivory Black/Mars Black
  • Titanium White

Hazard Notes: Above recommended paints are “easy on the land” for field applications.

Other paints may have toxic pigments which include - cadmium, cobalt, manganese, mercury, lead, chrome - if working with those, do not inhale, taste or touch these toxic pigments.

Safe Painting: don’t eat, drink or smoke while painting. Clean up with damp paper towels; wash hands with warm soapy water before eating - or sanitized wipes.]


Notecards, artwork, illustrations, stories and text by Heather Murphy, Wildlife Biologist, Artist & Nature Writer, in Leavenworth, Washington. All Artwork and Text is copyright protected by Heather Murphy © 1997 to 2019 -- Walleye Cards, LLC